Digital and PWM I/O expander
  • 16 Digital Inputs/Outputs
  • 16 PWM outputs with 12 bit resolution
  • Can stack up to 8 boards, for a total of 128 digital I/O and 128 PWM
  • Supplied with an easy to use software library
  • Works over I2C interface
  • Fully compatible with Fishino and Arduino boards

An universal switching power supply for Fishino/Arduino boards
  • Single cell LiPo battery connector, with charger on board
  • Pass-through USB connector
  • Plug for external supply, can be powered from 3.5 Volt up to more than 20 Volt
  • 800 mA output current, up to about 1 A if input supply is greater than 5-6 Volt
  • 5 Volt output
  • High performance switching technology
Universal RGBW or quad single color power LED driver
  • Up to 1A driver current capability
  • Constant-current source, factory calibrated for 300 mA
  • Output current can be changed with a single resistor value
  • Can accept more than 30 Volt on input, allowing driving series of 8-10 RGBW LEDs
  • Driven by analog and/or digital PWM signal