Fishino32 is the first member of 32 bit series of Fishino boards. The boards follows the layout of Fishino UNO, which makes it compatible with all available shields, but extending its capabilities thanks to the 32 bit processor, a big memory and the on-board additional components. The hightlights of Fishino32 board are the ability to be powered by a LiPo battery, an embedded stereo audio codec and a flash memori of 512 KBytes which, along with 128 KBytes of RAM, allows development of very complex applications.
You can buy a Fishino32 board here
Technical specs
Layout 100 % compatible with Arduino UNO
High performance switching power supply
Can be powered by a single cell LiPo battery
Integrated WiFi module
MicroSD interface on board
RTC module embedded in the controller
Embedded Hi-Fi stereo audio codec
Enhanced 3.3 Volt power supply
Breadboards compatibility
Electronic schematics and Eagle files